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Wedding Rings or Wedding Bands have such a romantic feel and connotation dating back to the Egyptians times.  It sends a clear message of a lifelong commitment to each other and this is symbolized by a continual band of Gold.

Selecting the correct Wedding Band for you is made simple with Richardsons’ Jewellers as we pride ourselves on the endless selection of Wedding Rings available.  Being Master Jewellers we regularly Hand Make your Wedding Ring to fit perfectly with your Engagement Ring.  If you are looking for a simple Gold band or something more elaborate with Diamonds you will find it at Richardson’s Jewellers.

We have a full range of PWB, Dora  and individually selected Wedding Rings at our stores with gloss catalogues for you to browse through.

Long after all has faded on that special day the one thing that remains throughout the test of time is your Wedding Rings, so let us help you find the perfect rings that will remind you of that day each, each and every time you look at them.

Choosing a Classic Band

Eternally stylish, the classic wedding ring will stand the test of time and be a perennial symbol of your love for each other.

At Richardsons Jewellers we offer a large selection of different profiles in our range of classic wedding rings which means that you can choose the perfect profile to suite your style and commitment to one another. Each one of these profiles is also available in multiple widths and thicknesses which gives you the flexibility to customise your ring and make it unique to you.

The ability to choose from hundreds of different variations of classic wedding rings means that you can choose a ring that is unique to your own style and fits your level of comfort when wearing jewellery, all while still creating a perfectly complementary set.

Our Classic wedding ring range is also available in many different metal types, each possessing unique characteristics to meet your individual needs and taste. Please review our range of Precious Metals section on this website to assist you in making an informed decision.


Choosing Matching Wedding Bands

At Richardsons jewellers we offer an extensive collection of matching ring sets however there are also many clever ways to put together your own match, that way both you and your partner can each wear your favourite design. Here are some tips to help you create a complementary or matching pair.

·         Select rings with the same colour combination, a simular diamond shape or setting.

·         If you both have your hearts set on different rings, you can achieve a matching look simply by selecting matching metals.

·         Adding a similar design feature is another solution to give two otherwise different rings a uniquely elegant & intimate link.

When Choosing Hers

·         Match the Band to the shoulders of your Engagement Ring.

·         Consider the Profile of your Engagement Ring.

·         Consider the size & shape of the centre stone in your Engagement Ring.

·         Match the metal type (9ct, 18ct, Pall or Plat).

·         Consider the colour of your Engagement Ring.

When Choosing His

·         Consider his occupation.

·         Consider his skin tone.

·         His taste in Jewellery (simple or flashy)

·         Appropriate metal