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Buying an Engagement Ring is an important decision that you will make on your own or as a couple.  It shows your true commitment, love and the promise that no matter what happens in the future you both will stand the test of time together.  We also believe that your Diamond Engagement Rings should also stand the test of time.

Having the strength of 3 stores, allows us to carry a variety of Diamond Engagement Rings for you to choose from.  If for some reason this special engagement Ring can not be found in one of our stores, come talk to us about designing exactly what you have in your mind.

Buying the perfect Diamond and knowing the perfect Style does not need to be a daunting stressful experience.  By knowing some simple information about the Size of the stone, the Shape of the stone, the basic designs of the ring will make this exciting time in your life an experience you will remember for all the right reasons.

Not all Diamonds are equal and this is an important piece of information to remember when you are shopping around for this perfect ring.  Take some time to visit our Diamond page and learn the ‘need to know’ information about Diamonds.

If Diamonds are not something that makes your heart sing, have you thought about a coloured gem stone for your engagement ring? There are only two different types of coloured stone we would recommend for an engagement ring, but keep in mind that neither of them are as hard wearing as a Diamond and you will have wear marks on the stone over time.  This is why diamonds are the best choice for a ring which is worn everyday.

  • Sapphire (many colours available)
  • Ruby

For more information about coloured gem stones go to our colours page under the Collection drop down menu.