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Care of Watches

Once you found that perfect watch for you, here are some ways to keep the longevity of the watch and keeping it looking good.

Leather Bands

Leather bands are often the first thing you will have to replace on your watch over time.  If you buy a watch with a water resistant leather band this will give you a little extra longevity on the band.  Important to remember that just because the watch maybe water resistant that does not mean the leather band is and if you are swimming with that particular watch then the longevity of the band will diminish quickly.  Note: watch bands are never covered under the watch guarantee.

Rubber or Plastic Bands:

Rubber bands have improved drastically in the past few years and now they are produced  with more silicon than before eliminating a lot of that stiffness after you have had the band for a while.  Keeping perfumes and other harsh chemicals away from plastic or rubber bands will also increase longevity. Give your bands a wash in warm soppy water especially white bands.  However, make sure if the watch is not water resistant that you do not submerge the entire watch into the water.   Important to remember with plastic bands that they are not as durable as metal or even rubber and if caught can break and sometimes be unrepairable.

Plated Bands

The trick to keeping your plated bands looking good is to ensure that perfumes and moisturisers are applied and dried before you put your watch on. Perfume in particular is not a friend of plated watch bands.  Salt water and chlorine are another element that will deteriate your plating quicker.  The unfortunate wear and tear on a plated band is not anything that can be prevented. Once again rinse your band in warm soppy water will keep it from leaving any dark marks on your wrist and will always keep it looking new.

Stainless Steel Bands

The tougher watch band, stainless steel wears the best especially ideal for men’s watches.  Warm soppy water again, is the best way to keep the band clean and looking new.  If you are someone that suffers from an allergic reaction to a gold plated band leaving a green mark or irritating the skin under the band. Then, looking for a watch with a stainless steel back (the part that touches your skin) and still plated on the top is a great answer for this problem.

Water Resistant

Often we have people asking for a water proof watch.  There is no such thing. The correct terminology is water resistant.  Note: We do not recommend any watch with water resistance be worn in the shower.  This has nothing to do with the water, but has everything to do with the heat of the water. The heat of the water affects the rubber seals in the watch casing. Over time the constant heating of the seal will deteriorate the seal effectively decreasing the water resistance of that watch.

Below is a break down of what we recommend in water resistance of your watch.

30m    Splash Proof only not suitable for swimming.

50m    Suitable for swimming in calm waters i.e. lakes rivers swimming pools, fishing.

100m   Suitable for swimming in the ocean, surfing.

200m   Suitable for scuba diving and more extreme water sports.

200m is normally classified as a Divers Watch.